Fitness training tips for climbers


Rock climbers should be doing exercises that help build strength and endurance, and a workout that includes rock climbing is a good place to start, according to a new study.

The study, led by Dr. Richard B. Cate of Harvard Medical School, surveyed more than 2,500 climbers who had completed at least one year of training and concluded that climbing can increase strength and stamina.

“We found that rock climbing was the most effective exercise for increasing strength and body mass in the study, with climbers using the exercise to build muscle and improve strength and power,” Dr. Cine said.

“The benefits of climbing are not limited to strength.

Climbers are also able to recover and perform better after climbing.

We see this as the keystone to long-term health.”

Climbing workouts were found to provide a greater sense of purpose than any other exercise, the researchers wrote.

“In the case of rock climbing, there is an immediate, positive effect on our ability to perform better on tasks, including running and swimming,” they wrote.

“Additionally, rock climbing can provide a sense of accomplishment and accomplishment in an instant.”

The study was published online Wednesday in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

The authors note that climbers often fall short of their goal in terms of climbing performance and overall health.

“If you are trying to get a new sport, or an exercise that you want to try, but you can’t, then rock climbing might be a great way to start,” Dr Cate said.

In addition to the study’s finding that climbing was a better exercise for strengthening muscles, Dr Cine and his team found that it had an additional benefit in improving body composition.

“It also helps you maintain your health, and you are able to get out of your daily routine and really go outside,” Dr Nader said.

While there’s no doubt that climbing helps strengthen muscles, the new study suggests that it also may improve mental health.

While climbing exercises don’t have to be complicated to do, Dr. Nader noted that climbers should get a good workout in the gym, where a warm-up and a few climbing moves can help get their body warmed up.

“They should be working out for three to five minutes and then they should be focusing on getting stronger, as opposed to just climbing,” Dr Bockel said.

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