Gym membership for gym members is up to £1,200 per year


If you’re looking to join a gym in Manchester, you’re probably looking at some serious savings.

The UK’s largest gym chain, GymCity, has launched a membership scheme to offer its members gym membership prices for a further year. 

GymCity said the membership will be valid until 2023.

“It’s a significant reduction on the cost of membership and, in addition to the lower annual fee, it gives you the option to join up for as many months as you want,” GymCity UK Director of Marketing Nick Pidgeon said. 

The plan comes as gym membership numbers have taken a dip in recent years. 

In September, the UK’s biggest gym chain had to shut down a branch after it failed to meet new sales targets. 

It’s unclear how many members will be able to join the scheme at this stage.

“The plan is good for our members, we’re making good on our commitments to them, and I can assure you we are confident in the future,” Mr Pidgeo said.

“We know that our membership base is still growing, and we will continue to grow our membership.”

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