Gyms reopen in Israel after a year-long shut down


Gyms reopened in Israel on Saturday after a one-year-long closure, after an Israeli court ordered that the gyms be reopened.

In a statement, the Jerusalem Municipality said it was open to the rehabilitation of the facilities, which are run by the Israeli-based Movement for Justice and Peace in Israel, as well as other businesses.

The move comes after the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the government had not been obligated to reopen the gyMSs, which closed in September.

The court’s decision comes a month after the government approved the rehabilitation plan and in line with recommendations from the Jerusalem Regional Council’s Advisory Council on Rehabilitation, said Moti Sharansky, a lawyer with the group.

After the Supreme Committee on Health and Welfare ruled on September 5 that the Jewish communities had been harmed by the closure, the municipality and other businesses in the area immediately began the rehabilitation process, he added.

During the rehabilitation, which began on October 4, the city also opened several schools, a park, a health clinic, a swimming pool, a youth shelter, a rehabilitation center, a social enterprise, and a rehabilitation facility.

It is hoped the facility will be operational by October 1, Sharansky added.

The rehabilitation program was launched after the establishment of the Movement for the Justice and Protection of Civil Rights in Israel in the 1990s.

Following the closure of the gyMs, thousands of Israeli Jews were forced to relocate to the nearby cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and the population grew to an estimated 70,000, according to the Israeli Civil Administration.

The closure of gyms was the result of the court ruling on Monday.

The Supreme Court decided that the law enforcement officials had not properly applied the law.

According to the municipality, the rehabilitation project will cost $250,000.

The rehabilitation centers will provide a variety of services, including the rehabilitation and social-welfare programs, education, health, and housing.

The settlement of Mitzpe Shalom, near the western town of Beersheba, also reopened after the closure.

According the municipality’s plan, the centers will offer vocational training, educational classes, health care, and health care-related services.

The centers will also provide the necessary rehabilitation services to Israeli-Israeli citizens who have been detained for more than six months.

The Jewish community has been left without a gyms in Israel for more the last two years.

On December 31, a court in Tel Aviv ordered that all of the closed gyms were to reopen.

The Israel Lodges Association, which represents Jewish communities in Israel and abroad, said that the decision by the municipality to reopen gyms will give them a respite.

“The Lodges have been waiting for the opportunity to reopen their gyms, since the court decision, and we are hopeful that they will be able to reopen in time for the holidays,” the association said in a statement.