How a gym in the middle of the Pacific Northwest closed down for good


On March 14, 2017, the gym at 1850 E. 38th St. in the San Francisco Bay Area shut its doors for good.

The facility’s owners, Golds Gym in Sacramento, had just completed a $1.2 million renovation to the gym’s facilities, which included installing new equipment and upgrading the equipment.

“We are thrilled that Golds will reopen,” Golds founder and president, Rob Smedley, said in a statement.

“Golds is committed to creating a great gym community, and our new facility will provide a great location for our athletes and families to get their physicals and workout in.

We look forward to working with the new owners, and the community, to make Golds one of the most welcoming and welcoming gyms in the nation.”

Smedleys gym had been in business since 2009 and has been a destination for Golds athletes and their families since it opened in 2012.

Golds also operates a facility in San Diego, a facility that is in the process of closing and an indoor facility in Oakland, California.

The San Francisco Golds and Oakland Golds gyms closed in 2015, leaving a vacuum that Gold’s is filling.

Gold has been opening its facilities in the Pacific northwest for a number of years, including a facility at 1510 E. 15th St., in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The Golds gym opened its doors in 2014, with its opening ceremonies in March 2018.

It was also the first Gold gym in America to be open to the public for free.

But in 2018, the Golds closed for good, with a final ceremony on March 18.

Gold is now a new owner and has not announced a date for a new opening.

In the meantime, the Silver Spring, Maryland, Gold’s has expanded its facilities.

The new gym opened in the former location of Gold’s Gym in Silver Spring last fall, and its owners have been looking for a location that is close to where their gym used to be.

The Silver Spring Golds is also in the midst of completing a renovation of its gym.

“It’s been a lot of work and a lot time spent,” Gold’s CEO Rob Shedler said in an interview with The Washington Times.

“There are many people that have spent time and a fortune on this building, and it’s going to be a very special place.”

The San Diego Golds has been open for almost four years, and Shedlers gym is a major attraction for San Diego athletes, especially on weekends.

“I was a Gold member for two years and that was a very big part of the decision,” said Golds co-owner, Tom Pyle.

“That was something I never thought would happen.”

Pyle said that during that time, the San Diego gym had a “big, big footprint,” and added that there were some challenges that the new Golds owner had to overcome.

“The first thing I wanted to make sure that it was the right building for our club, and that the right people could work with us, was to be as open and as welcoming as possible,” Pyle added.

“And also, I just wanted to be the place where people could come and do their training, and come see our athletes, and get a feel for what it was like working out.”

Shedleys gym is in a part of San Diego that has seen a decline in its gym attendance in recent years.

In 2016, the city experienced its largest number of new hotel rooms opened for the year.

According to the San Diegans Office of Economic Development, hotel occupancy in the city fell by 8.2 percent in 2016, while the number of hotel rooms in San Jose fell by 7.7 percent.

The number of Golds members who have registered their gym in San Juan Del Sur, San Diego’s most populous city, has been dropping steadily.

As of March 2018, Gold had only 1,700 members.

It is not known if the new San Diego Gym will be able to hold more Golds.

“They’re going to have to do a lot more work to get the right facility,” said Pyle of the new Silver Spring Gym.

“Because Golds hasn’t been open in so long, we need to get them to that point where they’re open and welcoming and it feels like Golds, so that’s a really big challenge.”

Golds plans to reopen the San Jose Golds in the fall.

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The Washington State Department of Health and Senior Services will be overseeing the Gold’s opening.

The closure is the latest in a string of gym closures in the Bay Area, including in Oakland and Fremont, as well as in Oakland’s East Bay neighborhood.

In April 2018, a Gold gym was forced to close its doors after the city of Oakland began to increase the price of parking spaces.

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