How to get crypto gold?

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In today’s crypto world, you can buy crypto gold in almost every country, and it’s easy to find.

But with the price fluctuating quite a bit, and with the ICOs (initial coin offerings) increasing in popularity, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find and buy crypto Gold.

We’ve taken a look at the best crypto Gold miners, and found out what you can expect from the first generation of miners.


The Genesis Gold mining farm, near Nairobi, Kenya 2.

The Genesis Gold miner, powered by a Nvidia Titan graphics card, with the gold colour scheme on the front 3.

The miner, with a 4x4x8m board, with multiple GPUs and the Genesis Gold logo on the back 4.

The machine with an 8-core GPU, powered with a Nvidia TITAN X Pascal GPU, and the golden colour scheme 5.

The mining rig, powered in the UK, with an Nvidia Titan X Pascal Graphics card and a gold colour theme on the board 6.

The final miner, one of the Genesis gold miners, powered on the Nvidia Titan x Pascal, with golden colour schemes on the boards 7.

The power supply, a Corsair 1000W, powering the Genesis miner with Nvidia Titan GPU 8.

The hardware and software, an 8Gb SSD, with gold colour themes on the motherboard and GPU 9.

The cooling system, an Intel GIGABYTE ACX2 240mm water cooler, powered at the bottom of the machine 10.

The PSU, an 850W, powered the Genesis mining rig with Nvidia TITan GPU 11.

The water block, a Gigabyte G1 power block, with power LEDs on the rear of the motherboard 12.

The USB port, an USB3.0 port, powered a USB3 adapter with a Gigabit Ethernet port on the machine 13.

The Ethernet cable, a Toshiba ATA SATA6GB cable, with Gigabit LAN, powered an ASUS Gigabit 802.11ac WiFi adapter 14.

The video card, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, with 1GB of VRAM and a 1TB HDD.

The gold colour is on the top 15.

The CPU, an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, with 16 cores, 2 threads, 4 threads, Turbo Boost 4.0, and Hyperthreading, with 4 threads.

The red colour is the CPU logo.

The graphics card is the Titan X GPU.

It is powered by the Nvidia TIT-X Pascal.

It’s a four-core, 2.0GHz, 16-thread, 8GB of compute power, and 8GB memory.


The motherboard, a Asus LGA 1155 motherboard, with AMD Ryzen 17 CPUs, with 8GB DDR4 memory.


The storage, an WD Caviar Blue HDD 6TB, powered.


The monitor, an Asus Xtreme Gaming LED 144Hz 1920×1080, with 120Hz anti-glare and 60Hz anti

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