Meet the most ‘beautiful’ cats and dogs you’ve met in the fitness world


This week, the BBC has released a list of the most beautiful cats and the dogs that have been photographed.

The results are based on a survey of thousands of Facebook users and, as such, we’ve decided to take a look at the ‘trendiest’ cats, and the ‘sportiest’ dogs.

As always, these are the animals that we chose for our top 10.

They are, of course, just our favourites: There’s no need to click through to read the full list, but check it out for yourself: 10.

Rottweiler (Poodles) [Getty]Rottweilers are the most popular pet in the world, with more than 4.5 billion pets and nearly three billion people, according to the United Nations.

The pet is also highly prized by the general public, who flock to live in parks, zoos and animal sanctuaries to catch the fluffy felines.

Their popularity is reflected in the fact that the US alone has more than 300 Rottwilers, and they’re being reintroduced into the wild in the UK, where they are currently being kept in facilities run by a private company.

However, this isn’t the first time a breed has been chosen for our Top 10: last year, our friends at the BBC asked us to choose the most adorable dogs, and we chose a dog called the Rottie.

The fluffy and cuddly dog is a result of a breeding programme run by the charity Dogs4Dogs, which aims to increase the number of Rotties in the wild by helping to ensure they have access to regular exercise.


Golden Retriever (Canis familiaris) [Bauer-Griffin] The golden retriever is an iconic dog and, although they’re not a household name, they’re certainly recognisable.

With their distinctive white coat and long, sleek legs, they can be spotted by a cat, dog or even a tourist in the street.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also spot one on the cover of the magazine Pets magazine.

However they’re also one of the pet breeds most commonly misidentified as “rabbit-like”, with their fur often confused with a rabbit.

The Rotti are also a popular pet among people with allergies, and are one of only two breeds with a specific gene that can be used to make them immune to certain allergies.


Bull Terrier (Cerco Terrier) [Henderson’s] The Bull Terriers are the official breed of British Bulldogs, and were adopted from the German Shepherd Dogs Association.

These dogs have long been used for their outstanding obedience and the ability to be taught tricks, but they’ve also earned the title of “maggots”.

The breed is recognised by the United States and the European Union for their excellent temperament and intelligence, and is also popular among people who have allergies.

However it is the Bull Terriers who are being targeted by the dog-killing industry, who use the animals as guinea pigs in tests to see how they react to various allergens.

In 2015, they were targeted by a German Shepherd puppy-killer, and a dog with a history of dog bites was found to have a rare genetic disorder called Cush-like Disease.

In 2016, a bull terrier named Paddy was found dead in the streets of Oxfordshire, and an inquest was opened into the circumstances of his death.


Shih Tzu (Shih Tzus) [Vintage] Shih-tzus, or “honeysuckle” is the national symbol of the Shih Tsunan people of Taiwan, who are considered the original pioneers of the sport of Shih tzu, and have been the first to use the sport for over a century.

The Shih is a long-tailed dog that has a long, slender body and thick, straight tails, with a long tail that can stretch over five feet.

The dogs are highly intelligent and socialised by adults, and, like their Chinese namesake, are known for their ability to sniff out food and detect danger.

Although they are bred to be aggressive, they have a keen sense of social etiquette and are well-trained in handling their human masters.

They’re popular with people who are keen to get into the sport, and people with asthma and allergies can even get a bit fussy and anxious about their behaviour when they’re with their dogs.


Ruddy Terrier [Bemis] Ruddy terriers, named for their red coat and red eyes, are also commonly associated with dogs.

However there are some breeds that have a longer coat and are said to have “the look of a shih tzus”, such as the Poodle, the English Bull Ter.

Ruzzies are usually smaller and less muscular than shih-tzu, but still have the red coat, which gives them the name “Sh