Play Fitness in New York as Fusion Gym Open for the Holidays

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The new Fusion Gym in New Orleans, where players can train on all of the same gear as their Fusion gym counterparts, is expected to open to the public on New Year’s Day.

The facility will offer a total of eight gyms, which are open to anyone who wants to try out new workouts. 

The Fusion gym will open on New Years Day in the New Orleans neighborhood of Châteauguay. 

The Fusion Gym is a partnership between the New York City Fusion Training Center and the American Fitness Institute.

The Fusion Gym will feature more than 60 full-sized indoor and outdoor cardio machines, eight full-size weight lifting machines, and six stationary cardio machines. 

It’s unclear when Fusion Gym players will be able to use the machines, but they will be available for use on the premises.

Fusion Gym owners will be given a free fitness-focused membership for every two people they sign up for. 

In addition, Fusion gym owners will receive an invitation to the Fusion Fitness Network, an online community dedicated to helping players stay healthy and fit. 

A spokesperson for Fusion Gym said the gym will be open for the public until February 18, 2018, but the Fusion Gym website states that players can sign up until January 31. 

Fusion Gym members will also be able access the online workout program Fusion Fit, which offers a workout routine with the ability to add additional weight lifting and cardio machines as needed. 

“Fusion Fitness is proud to bring you the latest workout plans, the most innovative fitness equipment, and the most personalized workouts,” Fusion Fitness founder and CEO Joe Zagunis said in a statement. 

More information about the Fusion gym can be found on the website. 

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