The best gyms in Sydney for kids


New Zealand’s popular gym chain Redgy has expanded to the city’s west, with a new outlet in Sydney’s outer west.

Key points:The Redgy gym has been around for more than 20 years and opened its first store in Sydney in the 1990sThe store is now a $400m investment by Redgy founder and CEO James O’ConnorThe gym has a private gym for members, but has a public outletThe store, located at 17A St, is one of Redgy’s biggest outlets outside of Auckland and WellingtonThe New Zealand company says its stores are a popular option for parents to visit with their kids and it has plans to expand further in the coming years.

The New York-based company has had its Australian arm for more a decade.

In a statement to The Sunday Telegraph, Mr O’Connors said the expansion of the gym into Sydney’s CBD would provide it with more business for the future.

“We’ve always had a presence in the CBD, and as the company expands, we will expand into more areas of the city,” he said.

“Redgy is a very popular place for families and young people to get their fitness and fitness gear and a range of fitness products.”

Mr O’Connor said the company was not yet sure when it would open its new store, but would work with a local council to help find a suitable location.

“Our aim is to be in Sydney within the next year or two,” he added.

“It’s a very significant investment for the company, so we’re very excited.”

The store opened in New Zealand in 1990.

It has been a popular spot for parents visiting with their children in Sydney, and it is a popular destination for young people.

It is the latest expansion of Redgies gym chain in the city.

In December last year, Redgy announced plans to open a new branch in Sydney after years of talks with local councils.

“The future of the business in Sydney is very uncertain,” Mr O.

Connors told The Sunday Mail.

“I can confirm that the company has closed its last New Zealand branch and is considering its future in the state of New Zealand.”

The move to expand into Sydney will be the second time Redgys has opened a store in the country.

In November last year it opened a private store in Port Kembla, near Hobart.

“To me, the best gym in the world is the Redgy Gym,” Mr Lillie said.

The store has two different levels for members to choose from, including the “private gym” which is accessible to adults only.

The “public gym” is open to the public.

The private gym has an open area with a wall, a ping pong table, a pool table and a free range of chickens.

Mr Lillies parents are excited about the store and said they were looking forward to their kids visiting the new store.

“They’ll be able to go into the public gym and do things like play darts and kickball,” she said.


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