‘The gym rat’ at the center of gym-kitchen-kitchens dispute


An Oregon man is being accused of using a plastic gym mat to beat up a woman who reported him for domestic violence, police say.

In a news release on Monday, the Oregon State Police said they were responding to a call from a woman in Oregon who said she was assaulted by Brian Wiltz in January, but that it wasn’t until he was arrested in March that police discovered the mat was actually a gym mat.

Police said Wiltzz used the mat against his ex-girlfriend in the gym at her home in Portland, Oregon.

Wiltz faces one count of aggravated battery and one count each of aggravated intimidation and menacing.

He was arrested on Monday.

Police also said they are investigating allegations that Wiltzbach made “false statements” in the complaint filed in October against him.

The complaint alleged Wiltzi told his ex that she was not physically capable of being sexually assaulted by him, and he claimed she was lying to him.

Wilz was arrested earlier this month on a charge of false imprisonment, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.