This Pokémon Gym Leader’s Pokémon Gym has a huge amount of Pokemon Go activity


Gym Leader Kaito Sakamoto, a Japanese gym leader, has spent his days on his phone playing Pokemon Go with friends.

Now, he is sharing his own Pokemon Gym leader experience on the website Poké

Here are his stories from around the world.

Kaito Sakamichi is a member of the gym at the Suntory Gym in Tokyo, which he founded in 2017.

He is known for being a competitive player.

“It’s my main hobby, and I have to go there and play, but I do so on a whim,” he said.

He plays on a variety of different games and different Pokémon.

“There are many Pokemon Gym Leaders around the country.

There are gyms in Japan and overseas, too.”

One of his favourite Pokémon, Kaito said, is the Gyarados.

He was able to join the gym for the first time when he was a kid and found it hard to find a gym near his home.

“My parents didn’t want me to play, so I just played it around for a while.

I just thought, I could have a Gyarados!”

When he was young, he was able a couple of times to join gyms around Japan, but after a while, he found the gym in Japan wasn’t the right place for him.

“I was always on the go, so when I was at home, I just went to my friends’ gyms,” he says.

“The first time I joined, I had an amazing experience, but that was a while ago.

I think I’m a little bit old now, and it’s hard to catch them now.”

It was difficult to find the right gym for him, but he was willing to go to a gym with a good reputation in Japan.

“As far as the Gyars, they’re my favourite, so that’s why I joined them,” he explained.

The gym also had a lot of Pokémon and it was easy to find Pokémon in Japan, he added.

“So I was able meet people and play games with them.”

In the US, he used to spend hours playing Pokémon Go, but now he only plays when he has a gym nearby.

“If there’s a Pokémon Gym near my house, I will join it,” he added, adding that the Gym Leader he used for that time was very popular.

The Gym Leader in Japan was a Pokémon Go fanatic, too, and Kaito was able play the game during his first few months of training there.

“This time, I didn’t have a gym, so my Gym Leader was very difficult,” he noted.

“But, since I’m working in the US now, I’m able to play a lot more games.”

In Tokyo, he has his own Gym.

“When I joined the gym, I wanted to be a Gym Leader, but because I didn, I wasn’t able to get into it, so now I have my own Gym,” he concluded.