Watch: Watch the video of the new Jungle Gym in Dubai

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Watch the full video of what will be the Jungle Gym, a new Dubai parkour gym in the city’s southern suburbs.

The Dubai government said the new gym will open in the next few weeks and will offer up to 40 parkour events a month, and a gym instructor who can teach parkour and other fitness classes.

The gym, which has been in the works for several years, was built on land belonging to the Dubai Municipality, according to a statement.

Dubai’s Emirati population, a record one billion, will grow by 8 million in the coming years.

The number of registered residents in the UAE increased by 13 million last year, according the ministry of interior.

Dublin and Dubai have been vying to attract more foreign investment to boost tourism and economic growth.

In March, Dubai launched a tourism campaign, including a series of promotional billboards, that highlighted the city as the “most affordable place in the world”.

The new parkour facility is part of the Dubai City Development Corp’s plan to attract international visitors and to help them become more active, according its website.

Dubrie, a Dubai-based parkour instructor and parkour coach, said that he had been approached by several companies interested in investing in Dubai, including American company Parkour Fitness, which said it was interested in the new parkours.

“I don’t have any concrete plans for this project, but I have been approached about it,” he told Al Jazeera.

“It’s not about being a parkour or fitness trainer.

We are just doing something different, and we want to show the world that Dubai is a city of parks, and the people who live here, the Dubai people are the most active.”

Dubai has been struggling to attract foreign investment since the collapse of the Arab Spring, which saw protests against corruption and inequality.

The city has also been plagued by high unemployment and a lack of affordable housing.