What’s the difference between a gold’s gym and a basement gym?


I got to the gym this morning and was amazed to see that the gym had been converted to a basement.

This is where the gym has been for more than a decade.

The basement gym is actually the former basement of the gym, and it is now a gym that is open for business.

This basement gym was converted to be a basement by the owners, who converted the gym to a gym.

The gym is now closed.

The basement gym has several floors that are used as separate areas.

They are used to host the pool and the barbells, as well as other equipment.

The floor space is limited to the space available for a single barbell.

The owners, Dave and Amanda Zagoda, opened the gym in 2007.

They have also been selling gym equipment and classes at the gym since 2011.

I spent a few minutes in the basement gym this afternoon, which is a good indication of the space and the layout.

I saw the gym’s old sign, which was not updated since the basement was converted.

The sign, with the gym name and the name of the building where the club is located, is not visible.

The club’s website says that it is the “world’s only basement gym.”

There is a wall in the gym that reads, “The basement is not for business purposes.

You are welcome to come and use the gym for business.”

It is the gym itself that is used as a business, and that is where business happens.

The owner of the club, Dave Zagodas, said that he does not believe that the basement has any business purpose.

I asked the gym owner about the basement.

He said that the building was once used as an office building, and when it was closed, it was converted into a gym, so the gym was no longer an office.

He said that it was a vacant lot and that the club had been there since 2007.

It was used as part of the basement, so he thought it would be a good place for business to start.

He has not had any complaints about the place, and he has a few regulars that use the basement for gym training.

He did tell me that he would like to have a space for some other kind of activity, so I asked him about that.

He asked me to put it on the list for his club.

I asked him if he had any plans to sell the gym.

He told me that it would not be going anywhere, and there were no plans to convert it into a basement at this point.

I have heard from people that they would like it to become a gym for their family.

He also told me he would not mind if someone came and used the gym as a family room.

I did not get a response to that.

The Zagods own the gym is a small business, with only two members and no corporate affiliation.

The only thing that has made the gym more popular is that it has become the location for several local sports events, including the CrossFit Games.

I am not sure what the future holds for this gym, but the owners are open to the idea of having it converted to other uses.

The gym is located in the town of Cudahy, a small community in eastern Arizona.

The Zagadoses are part of a small club in the area.

The barbell and dumbbells are the only pieces of equipment that are in the place.

They also have a few other weights and a few cardio machines that are also in the space.

I spoke with one of the members, and she said that she does not know anything about what is going on with the basement or the basement space.

She did tell that they had plans to make some improvements to the basement in the future, so it would make sense to have some space for more classes and equipment.

The bottom line is that if you have an interest in the world of fitness and exercise, the basement of a basement may not be for you.

But if you do not have an appetite for the gym at all, the gym may be for someone else.

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