Which gym in Queensland is best?

Strength training

Queensland’s capital city has a plethora of high-end fitness facilities.

But many of the most popular gyms in the state are only available 24 hours a day, according to a new survey.

The University of Queensland’s study found that some of the biggest names in fitness are only open for 24 hours at a time, with some of them offering more than one gym.

Key points:The Queensland Gym Association is seeking feedback on new policies and services on its website”Many of the top-tier facilities in Queensland do not have 24 hour access and most of the rest are only accessible for one or two hours”It’s time to make it a reality, and it’s time for Queensland’s public health to get involved”It is also time for the state’s public service bodies to start working together to make a real difference, Dr Kaitlin Johnson said.”

The Queensland gym association is looking for feedback on the new policies that will go into place in June.

“Many fitness facilities in the capital city of Brisbane do not offer 24 hour gym access, or offer a 24 hour pay-out policy.”

It means people are paying more than they should, and this is putting the health and wellbeing of people at risk.

“The study of more than 2,000 people found most of those who had tried to go to a gym for at least 24 hours between January and June were able to access their gym but some of those facilities did not offer payouts.”

This is why I have started a petition with the Queensland Health Council calling for the Queensland Government to provide 24 hour-only access for all Queensland public health workers,” Ms Johnson said.”

“The public health community has a lot to offer, but most of them do not get that opportunity.”

Queensland Health and Safety has been in contact with the club owners and has been working with them to ensure the facilities are safe and accessible, Ms Johnson added.

“Health workers who have worked in the Brisbane CBD, or have been in the public health sector, have a lot of responsibility to ensure we are providing them with the right support to be able to be safe and well-equipped to work.”

A spokeswoman for Queensland Health said the state was aware of the Queensland Gym Union’s concerns and was currently working with Queensland Health on how to address the issue.

“A lot of our members are working with our local health workers to ensure their workplaces are safe,” she said.