Which Gym Rat Are You?


A new app that helps you track your progress in your gym is now available to the public, and it’s an easy one.

In the new app, you can track how many reps you have performed, your time under tension, and your overall fitness.

There’s even an “exercise diary” option, allowing you to log the number of sets and reps you’ve completed and record the workout in your journal.

It’s not quite as simple as an app like Fitbit’s, where you log your data, but the same basic functionality exists.

As the name suggests, the app tracks your progress by tracking the number and intensity of your exercises.

You can set a goal, set a target, and see how much time you’ve spent on each exercise, as well as your overall “fat loss” (as measured by the number on your scale).

There’s also a dedicated gym feature for workouts you’ve already completed, so you can check your progress against your goal and see your progress overall.

Of course, this app also has a bunch of other features, including an “Exercise Tracker,” which allows you to see how long you’ve been working on your exercises, and even the “Exercises You’ve Done,” which will help you determine if your current routine is working.

The app has been available for free for a while, and we’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and have seen a few improvements.

For example, we’ve found that the tracking section of the app has become much more helpful as we’ve moved through the app’s workout log.

There are some downsides, though.

First, the workout log can be a bit of a drag to open, and the app does not display the exact workout duration, which can be hard to read if you’re struggling to keep track of a workout.

Also, if you are using the app on a smartphone, you’ll have to sign in to your Fitbit account in order to view the exercise log.

However, that’s a minor inconvenience for most users, and if you’ve got your Fitbits connected to a computer, you’re able to view workouts from anywhere.

That’s not the case with other devices, though, so this is definitely a worthwhile option for those who are interested in tracking their progress on the go.

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