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Gymnastics stars will soon have a chance to prove their skills in the upcoming Olympics, as some of the best in the sport will be competing for the chance to compete for gold in Rio de Janeiro.

Gymnasts will have the chance of competing in both the Olympic Games and the Paralympics, but the Olympics have long been known for having the best athletes of any sport.

The last time there was a female gymnast competing for gold was in 2008, when the world was still trying to decide whether gymnastics was for real or not.

The sport has always been a big draw, and it is expected that gymnastics will be on the radar of more countries in the near future.

Here are the top 10 female gymnasts in the entire history of the sport.

#1 – Karolina Pliskova #2 – Simone Biles #3 – Kaley Cuoco #4 – Simone Manuel #5 – Simone Botti #6 – Carli Lloyd #7 – Anastasia Krasnov #8 – Aly Raisman #9 – Simone de Beauvoir #10 – Gabby Douglas