Why you should be happy to see the gym re-opening in Minneapolis


It was a cold, snowy Sunday morning in November and a handful of people were gathered at the front doors of the Minneapolis Fitness Center, the gym owned by local businessman and fitness entrepreneur Jason Johnson.

Inside the gym, Johnson, the CEO of the gym and one of the first to open a gym in Minneapolis, sat in a chair and stared out at the people who had just walked in.

The gym, which was once known as a training center, was recently renovated and has been transformed into a fitness center and gym, and Johnson was looking forward to the day when it would reopen.

Johnson, a former professional wrestler who grew up in Minnesota, was a gymgoer for two decades and was well known for his strength and conditioning programs.

When Johnson opened his gym, it was a place where people could go to get their exercise fix.

He also owned and operated a successful fitness business, Johnson Fitness, and had a reputation as a gym master.

The doors opened on a cold November morning.

A few people got up from their chairs and walked inside the gym.

Johnson was excited, even though he was not expecting the response that came inside.

He saw people who were going to get in, and they didn’t know where to go, he said.

He looked around and he saw people not knowing where to sit.

And it made him realize that we need to be able to have people come here, to have them come here to get the workout they need.

It was so sad, he added.

And then he said, ‘Oh, wait, this is going to be great.’

And then I saw this beautiful woman in a purple suit come in and sit down.

And she had a big smile on her face and she just said, “Hey, thanks for everything.

You’re welcome.”

Johnson’s story was one of many told at the opening of the Minnesota Fitness Center.

A number of businesses, including Johnson Fitness and other fitness centers across the country, have opened in recent years, including some of the most popular fitness centers in the country.

Many of these businesses are located in and around Minneapolis, and in some cases, they are owned by Johnson and other people from his family.

As Johnson told the opening crowd, he wanted to be the first gym to reopen.

And, in a move that will make people feel like he has a mission to help others, Johnson opened the Minnesota gym in January 2019.

His gym, a new addition to the city’s skyline, was named after him.

When he opened the gym in 2019, Johnson was expecting to see people come in, but he didn’t expect that many people to come in.

Johnson said he had the first ever open gym in his hometown, and it’s hard to imagine someone would not want to come into a gym.

He said he opened it because he felt that he had to.

The opening was also a turning point for Johnson, who has been involved in fitness for more than a decade.

He has seen how the sport of weightlifting has become popular in recent decades and how people have embraced fitness.

Johnson first started lifting weights when he was in college and then became a professional wrestler and began coaching a team of athletes that included former NBA player and current Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

He became the president of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and he also became a board member of the U.S. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Johnson’s work has helped people all over the world get fit, and he believes that his gym is a big part of that.

He sees the Minneapolis gym as a symbol of the transformation of Minnesota and of the nation.

It’s just one more example of people coming together, and I’m sure that will be a big message that I want to send across the city, Johnson said.

As he spoke, the doors opened and people were welcome to walk in.

One person walked in and walked out.

“This is my friend,” Johnson said as he walked away.

He went to greet another person and noticed another person was also there.

Johnson also had the opportunity to speak to several people who came in.

They told him how excited they were about the opening.

People who come in for the first time are nervous, Johnson added.

It will be great to have that kind of reception.

He encouraged them to come back to see more people.

And he said that he was excited about the future of the Twin Cities, too.

Johnson plans to open other gyms around the Twin States in the future.

He wants to open up a gym and a weightlifting center in Florida, and then another gym in Texas, he told the crowd.

The Minneapolis gym is located on the first floor of the former building at 14th and Jackson streets in the heart of the city.

It is open Monday through Saturday and the gym can be reached at 701-764-3345.

The former building is also owned by the